Zuraida Jardine: Moving on up [Shape SA magazine]

A multifaceted media personality, Zuraida Jardine is juggling the challenges of motherhood and a new business. She chats about her US sabbatical, guilt-free eating habits, and why you shouldn’t compare yourself to Hollywood moms.

She looks like she’s just stepped out of a cheeky 80s music video or the Flashdance studio in her white tights and purple legwarmers, which show off her toned legs to great effect. Then there’s the funky leotard that highlights her lithe figure and arms. At 37, Zuraida Jardine is mom to two toddlers who ensure sleepless nights, and the owner of a fledgling company that demands as much attention.

But today she’s the fun and engaging personality we got to know on 5FM and in the first season of Strictly Come Dancing (SCD). She’s an absolute pleasure to work with in-studio as she moves easily in front of the camera showing off the dancing skills that won her the SCD title.

Zuraida and her husband, producer-director, Josh Lindberg, are in Cape Town for a few days juggling work demands with some downtime. Josh’s parents, theatre greats Des and Dawn Lindberg, are looking after their daughter Zaria, 2, and son Shia, 1, at their home in Joburg. “It’s the first time we’ve left the kids alone with Des and Dawn,” says the proud mom. “Thankfully they’re absolutely loving their time with their grandparents, which isn’t surprising considering how entertaining Des and Dawn are!”

Zuraida admits she’s finding it difficult managing the demands of raising two children while pumping her energy into her new business venture, Cocodrama, a maternity belt range for pregnant and post-pregnant moms (cocodrama.com). Then, of course, there are her many media and publicity commitments. “For me, finding balance is almost impossible – there’s just too much to do,” she says.

In an effort to maintain some kind of equilibrium, Zuraida follows a healthy exercise and eating regime. This helped her shed 18kg she gained while pregnant with Shia, and gives her the boundless energy she needs to function optimally. “I’ve lost all my baby weight. It wasn’t easy but I started off power walking in a New York park soon after giving birth.
I also swear by Hollywood celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson’s instructional DVDs,” she says. “I’ve discovered the benefits of running, too, which has helped me maintain a healthy weight and mind.”

We chat to her about her life of “reckless abandon” in the US and she shares her tips for losing pregnancy weight.

Read full article: SHAPE Cover Zuraida Jardine

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