Lyndall Jarvis: A model life [Shape SA magazine]

She’s landed countless magazine covers and is rated as one of South Africa’s sexiest women. Lyndall Jarvis chats about her battle with confidence, her new training partner and touring the world with professional surfers.

She’s the model and TV presenter that men’s magazines wax lyrical about, even more than they do about beer, sport and boy’s toys. A Sports Illustrated swimwear fixture and FHM’s 2009 Sexiest Woman in the World – descriptions such as “vivacious”, “a champagne mane” and “burning a hole in the camera with her baby blues” have been used to encapsulate Lyndall’s sex appeal.

But the Lyndall who greets us at the door to her beautiful home in Camps Bay, which she shares with her boyfriend, professional surfer Jordy Smith, is anything but an intimidating sex symbol.

The 28-year-old is fresh-faced, plainly dressed in a white vest and comfortable black pants, and slightly reserved. Of course you can’t help but envy her startling blue eyes, flawless skin and trim figure.

The couple’s home is stylish, has the most breathtaking view over the Atlantic ocean and a home gym – but it feels decidedly unlived in. “We only moved in late last year and have hardly been here as we’ve been travelling so much for Jordy’s surfing,” Lyndall says.

Jordy’s the ultimate laid-back Durban surfer – he’s just back from another day shooting a surfing film and admits he’s exhausted. He plonks himself down in one of their dining-room chairs. “We don’t have a table yet but we’re working on it,” the 24-year-old says with an engaging grin.

“And we probably won’t be getting one before we leave for the next leg of Jordy’s world tour in Australia, Bali and Thailand,” Lyndall adds. There’s a wonderfully light and affectionate energy between the couple – they’re obviously very much in love. “It’s a very important year for him because he’s going for the world title.”

We sit down in their roomy lounge and Lyndall reveals how she wasn’t always gorgeous, how she’s battled with her confidence and what it’s like training with a professional athlete…

Read full article: SHAPE Cover Lyndall Jarvis


SHAPE cover Lyndall Jarvis


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